Friday, November 3, 2017

Treasure Waiting To Be Discovered

Yes! It is a mere 2 weeks more to A Piece Of Hope : Charity Fun Adventure Hunt at Da Men Mall. All preparations are almost ripe and ready. With almost 130 teams registered to hunt, it will be the LARGEST event to date at Da Men Mall. Short to say that it is one of the BIGGEST participation in a mall for a treasure hunt. We couldn't have done it without YOU as the participants and supporters of A Piece Of Hope (APOH).

The committee has been hard at work since 3 months ago to put this 1st ever APOH Treasure Hunt event. Normally we would be climbing Mt. Kinabalu or running in the serene surroundings of MAEPS, Serdang. This would be the 4th charity event that APOH has organised so far this year and it would be the last one. No, we are not calling it quits yet but come next year, there will be more.

Anyway, the A Piece Of Hope : Charity Fun Adventure Hunt t-shirts will be ready for collection next Saturday, 11th November. Details are below:

The following are our sponsors. A very BIG THANK YOU to them for believing in us and help making this event a success.

Ong Lai
Follow Me
Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant
Grandmama Restaurant
Jaya Grocery
... and many more.