Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1st newspaper article

China Press has carried our news today, 15th June 2011. For those who can read chinese, you can find this article on our website @ Look to the right of the main page and scroll down until you find it. Click on it to enlarge.

We will keep you posted on more press coverage.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Show Must Go On!

Last Saturday 11th June @ 10am, A Piece Of Hope together with PKKI held a press conference for the Mt. Kinabalu charity climb in July. It has always been an uphill battle each year when comes to inviting the press to cover our event. This year it is no difference.

Press invitations were sent out by PKKI to various newspaper companies such as Oriental Daily, Star Metro, China Press, New Straits Times, Sin Chew, etc. To our surprise this year, we had New Straits Times confirming their attendance well in advance. As the days nearing to the press conference, surprisingly no other press indicated their attendance even though attempts were made by calling them as well.

The show must go on! That was our motto with just one press coming. NST reporter Mr. Chung Hoo arrived 20 minutes before time. With all the time in hand, he had a swell time interviewing APOH committee members and PKKI’s president, Ms. Shirley Tan. He told us that he will write our article different from our press release which is mundane. In that, we can’t wait to see his ‘interesting’ article.

Our press conference started with an introduction of PKKI’s organization by Ms. Shirley Tan followed by myself with a brief background of APOH’s past efforts and role in this year’s charity climb. Following this, a mock cheque presentation to PKKI for RM10,000 was carried out for the RM50/pax amount collected from all 200 climbers. To PKKI’s surprise, Mr. Woon (one of APOH committee member) also presented a personal cheque amounting to RM5,000.

So far, a total of RM20,000 has been collected for our A Piece Of Hope Chapter 5 Mt. Kinabalu Climb. With one firmed newspaper article in the works and a few others on the way, we hope that these publicity will help in one way or another reach our targeted amount of RM200,000.