Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Go for Goal... Lets start collecting donation for Yayasan Sunbeams Home

Apart from just conquering Mt. Kinabalu for our self-achievement, this year again we are able to share our achievement with the less fortunate. Our target this year of RM100,000 should be much easier than last year due to our sheer size of 140 climbers. As the malay saying goes, ‘sedikit sedikit menjadi bukit’. This is not the compounding interest notion but is the power of collective effort.
Maybe for some of us collecting donation is harder to do than climbing Mt. Kinabalu, just for the sake of the unfortunate children of Sunbeams (YSH), we must conquer this ‘mountain’. It is a ‘mountain’ that needs no physical strength but only the will of our human mind. So lets set our goal to conquer both mountains. After having done these, we can say to ourselves that we have indeed made a BIG difference in someone else’s life.
With only time as a factor to us, we must utilise it wisely for maximum impact. No matter how much we can collect, may it be RM10 or RM10,000, we have at the least did something meaningful through this Mt. Kinabalu climb. Just think of it, we have so many friends, colleagues and relatives that we can ask for donation. The technology of the internet has made us to be in constant contact with one another through applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, etc. Use it and use it wisely and meaningfully this time.
An email detailing how the donation collection is to be done was sent out recently. In it a covering letter from YSH and donation forms were attached as pictured below. If for any reason some of you did not receive these, please inform Jimmy or myself (apieceofhope@gmail.com) and we will gladly email you again. Or if not, you can download it by clicking the picture below.
Look out in the newspapers for the write up of our charity climb some time early June. Happy Soliciting Donation!