Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

A Piece Of Hope : Mt. Kinabalu Chapter 7 donation collection has reached its final lap. On December 7th, a Donation Presentation & Closing Ceremony was held at PPKKCKS premises in Klang. It was a quiet affair with the main committee members and 2 representatives of Nippon Paint in attendance. This event was called for to formally announce total donation collected and give opportunity to Nippon Paint to present a RM10,000 mock cheque to PPKKCKS. Memorabilia from the climb were also presented to PPKKCKS.

The total donation collected so far until 7th December 2013 is RM231,000. With this our target of RM200,000 has been achieved. Even though it is less than last year’s collection, APOH this year is deem a success. We were informed that they will use half of the amount for their building fund and other half for daily operations. A very BIG sincere THANK YOU to all who had donated to PPKKCKS.

With a chapter closed, a new chapter is raring to be open come 2014. On the books, we are fully booked at 220pax. See you there for A Piece Of Hope : Mt. Kinabalu Chapter 8 from July 12 - 16 2014!