Friday, November 3, 2017

Treasure Waiting To Be Discovered

Yes! It is a mere 2 weeks more to A Piece Of Hope : Charity Fun Adventure Hunt at Da Men Mall. All preparations are almost ripe and ready. With almost 130 teams registered to hunt, it will be the LARGEST event to date at Da Men Mall. Short to say that it is one of the BIGGEST participation in a mall for a treasure hunt. We couldn't have done it without YOU as the participants and supporters of A Piece Of Hope (APOH).

The committee has been hard at work since 3 months ago to put this 1st ever APOH Treasure Hunt event. Normally we would be climbing Mt. Kinabalu or running in the serene surroundings of MAEPS, Serdang. This would be the 4th charity event that APOH has organised so far this year and it would be the last one. No, we are not calling it quits yet but come next year, there will be more.

Anyway, the A Piece Of Hope : Charity Fun Adventure Hunt t-shirts will be ready for collection next Saturday, 11th November. Details are below:

The following are our sponsors. A very BIG THANK YOU to them for believing in us and help making this event a success.

Ong Lai
Follow Me
Grand Harbour Chinese Restaurant
Grandmama Restaurant
Jaya Grocery
... and many more.

Monday, September 4, 2017

A Piece Of Hope : Charity Adventure Fun Hunt 2017

This time, APOH is not organising a run, nor a climb, nor creative merchandising but an adventure treasure hunt. This event will benefit 2 children based NGOs namely Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Terencat Akal Malaysia (IQ70) and Yayasan Sunbeams Home. Both are very different NGOs. The former is a centre that helps disabled children and the latter is an orphanage (which APOH has helped before).

A Piece Of Hope : Charity Adventure Fun Hunt 2017 will be held at Da Men Mall in USJ Subang Jaya. This fun hunt will feature loads of head scratching questions, encrypted clues and also ‘adventurous’ physical challenges. This event happens on the 19th November 2017 at 9am. We will be expecting a crowd of 600 participants in teams of 4 pax. Families are encourage to join as it will be a safe environment for childrens' participation.

Registration is now OPEN. Please follow the process below to register:

1. Download the registration form HERE.
2. Print it out, fill it in and scan it.
3. Pay the registration fee of RM260 per team (APOH EVENTS, Maybank 564717511989)
4. Screenshot OR scan the payment slip.
5. Email the completed form and payment slip to
6. We will then confirm your participation by replying to your email if all details are complete.
(if not we will contact you for further info).

 Registration Form

It might take you some time to register but rest assure it is worth it because 100% of your registration fees will be donated to the NGOs. So just leave the hand-sweaty task of organising to us and come join us on this adventure fun hunt. We must say it is going to be a very challenging and fun event to organise but we are up to it, we just need YOU to be there.

Click HERE for Terms and Conditions of the event.

** NOTE: this event is also known as APOH Charity Adventure Fun Hunt **

Clueless in the Past and Present

A Piece Of Hope : Fun Run & Walk 2017 which was held on 4th June was indeed a very successful event. Clueless still, never had we thought we could gather 1,200 participants for this charitable cause for 3 children based NGOs. We got to give a million thanks again to all the hard working people behind-the-scene who had made this possible. Looking back to that very day had us all stand so proud.

Just merely 3 months after, APOH is again embarking on another charity drive event. This time it is not a run, not a climb, not creative merchandising but an adventure treasure hunt called A Piece Of Hope : Charity Adventure Fun Hunt 2017. Wondering what is this event all about and you are Clueless? No worries, read the subsequent blog for more info.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A Piece Of Hope : Fun Run & Walk 2017

To registration website

A PIECE OF HOPE : FUN RUN & WALK 2017 is the second installment of our run & walk charity event (the first was in 2014 in which attracted 1,000 participants, visit to find out more).
This event is an extension of our many successful annual charity fundraising event, A PIECE OF HOPE : MT. KINABALU. A PIECE OF HOPE or aptly known as APOH, was conceived in 2007 as a fundraising campaign vehicle during Mt. Kinabalu climbs. However uniquely last year we did not climb Mt. Kinabalu and instead we embarked on a collaborative effort with Pavilion KL in a CNY monkey painting project in which raised over RM260,000 for all past nine APOH helped NGOs.
A PIECE OF HOPE : FUN RUN & WALK 2017 will be held on 4 June 2017 at MAEPS Laman 2, Serdang, Selangor. The event will start with the run followed by the walk at 7.10am. Upon finishing, there will be various activities such as lucky draws, stage shows, games and mini charity bazaar. The beneficiary NGOs will setup stalls to showcase their work and sell items for charity. These NGOs are Shelter Home for Children, Rumah KIDS and Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Kajang Selangor. We expect approximately 1,500 participants of all ages for our event.
As always, we are giving 100% of participants’ registration fees to the NGOs, none will be held back. So come and join us now. Details below:

Venue: MAEPS, Laman 2, Serdang, Selangor
Date: 4 June 2017, Sunday
Run Distance: 8km
Walk Distance: 3km
Children below 12 yrs old are welcome to join the walk for free.