Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Ultimate 'Mountain' has been CONQUERED

A great news to all!

PKKI president has just informed me that they have reached

RM 203,391

in donations collection. An early surprise for them as well as for us. In merely 4 1/2 months of our donation drive, our target of RM 200,000 have been fulfilled. This is our largest donation collected so far out of our 5 years A Piece Hope Hope Mt. Kinabalu charity climb.

Thanks to all of our generous donors and a special BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Foo Jong Wee for his unwavering support and assistance in being the main 'pusher' for donations.

We still got until year end before formal closure of our APOH 2011 donation drive. If you are still soliciting donations, please don't stop there just because we have reached our target. Carry on.....

Thank you.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Piece Of Hope CHAPTER 6 : 2012 is now OPEN for booking

We are pleased to announce that A Piece Of Hope (APOH) CHAPTER 6 : 2012 is now OPEN for booking until 31st December 2011.

The charity climb will happen from 14 – 18 July 2012. This time we are also allocating 200 pax. The cost per person is RM1,000 (including RM200 compulsory donation to NGO). Air ticket is not included as this you have to buy on your own. Whoever is interested, please follow the steps below:

  1. Email to Jimmy Lim at
  2. Once got firm reply, please proceed to buy your air ticket arriving Kota Kinabalu airport on 14th July 2012 on or before 11.15am (Please ensure that you adhere to this time as this is our bus pick-up times. If you arrive after 11.15am, you will have to arrange your own transport to Kinabalu Park).
  3. Next, proceed to bank-in non-refundable deposit of RM300 to Jimmy Lim’s bank account. Please download the ‘Climb Booking Form 2012’ to get Jimmy Lim’s bank account details (link to download this form is on the right hand side of this page).
  4. After you have done the above, please email to Jimmy Lim:
a) copy of air ticket itinerary
b) copy of non-refundable deposit bank-in slip
c) fully completed ‘Climb Booking Form 2012’
  1. Once we have received all of the above, your booking is CONFIRMED.
(FYI, Jimmy Lim is our climb coordinator head whom have been organizing this since 2000)

Below are some FAQs to facilitate your understanding of this charity climb.

Q1) What is the brief itinerary for A Piece Of Hope (APOH) CHAPTER 6 : 2012?
A1) Day 1 (14th July) – fly into KK, bus to Kinabalu Park, stay Kinabalu Park;
Day 2 (15th July) – trek up Mt K, stay at Laban Rata;
Day 3 (16th July) – trek up to summit and trek down to Kinabalu Park, stay at Zen Resort Kundasang;
Day 4 (17th July) – bus to KK, stay at Sutera Harbour;
Day 5 (18th July) – fly back home.

Q2) Can I fly into KK a day earlier, say on the 13th July and get onto the bus transfer to Kinabalu Park on 14th July?
A2) Yes you can fly into KK a day or two earlier. The extra hotel stays earlier will not be covered in the RM1,000 and you have to arrange these on your own. Please meet the bus transfer at One Borneo at 12.30pm on 14th July.

Q3) I am flying MAS and it lands in Terminal 1 KK airport. Do your bus pick up there?
A3) Our bus transfer picks up at Terminal 1 & 2 from 9.30 – 11.30am. If you missed the bus, you might have to take a taxi to One Borneo to meet us.

Q4) Whom shall I contact when I touch down at KK airport to go to the bus transfer?
A4) You can contact Ryan Chong at 019-8628688 or Jimmy Lim at 012-2020511.

Q5) I don’t want to stay at Sutera Harbour. Can I get a discount since I don’t stay at Sutera Harbour? Can I book my flight out from KK on 17th July then?
A5) The cost of the climb is fixed at RM1,000 even if you choose not to stay at Sutera Harbour. We book everything in a massive group of 200pax, so we don’t cater for special personal request like this (even tour agents don’t cater to this).

Q6) I heard that for the past 2 years, the climb group has been divided up into two. Can you explain this?
A6) Since 2010, we have massive groups of between 150 – 200pax. Mt Kinabalu can only cater up to 146 climbers at any one time due to constraints of accommodation at Laban Rata. So we have to divide the climb into two groups. Next year, the 1st group of 100 climbers will start their climb on Day 2 (come down Mt K on Day 3) and 2nd group of 100 climbers will start climb on Day 3 (come down Mt K on Day 4). We will ascertain based on committee’s discretion who goes into which group when we have the finalized list of climbers. We are sorry that you can’t choose the days.

Q7) My children wants to climb also, so how much do they pay?
A7) Children age 12 and below pays RM800 (they are exempted from paying the non-refundable deposit). If they do not climb but just want to tag along for the trip, they still pay RM800. Children age 6 and below are free.

Q8) My mom wants to come along with me but do not want to climb, how much does she pays?
A8) Non-climbers from age of 13 – 99 pays the same as climbers which is RM1,000 (non-climbers have to pay the RM300 non-refundable deposit also).

Q9) If I pull out after paying the RM300 non-refundable deposit, where does this money go?
A9) The RM300 will go to the children NGO that we will adopt next year to raise fund for.

Q10) Do I need to raise a certain amount of money for this charity climb?
A10) No, you don’t have to but we RECOMMEND that you participate in this noble cause to help raise funds for the children NGOs. Just imagine, if all 200 climbers raise RM1,000 each, the NGO would have RM200,000! Approximately in early June 2012, please check our website for the official donation letter and form to help you collect donations.

Please be reminded that we are no tour agent. We are just a ‘bunch of crazy’ Mt. Kinabalu climbing enthusiast whom have found a way to help charitable children NGOs every year since 2007. We do not take a CENT out of this event as a profit. In fact, all committee members pay the same climbing cost. We are all into this to raise funds for charitable children NGOs and so far we have helped raise closed to RM750,000 since 2007.

Have a great day and hope to see you in APOH 2012!