Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Piece Of Hope Chapter 3 donation collection begins… Lets Get On It & Go!

With only one half month before we climb Mt. Kinabalu, the journey to the summit have already started for most of us with the launch of our donation collection. The journey this year will be tougher as the bleak ‘economic storm’ affects would-be donors in some way or the other. Nevertheless, our effort has to go on. Needy lives must be touched and hope must be kept alive, more so in this stormy season.

An email detailing how the donation collection is to be done was sent out recently. In it a covering letter from PKIK and donation forms were attached as pictured below. If for any reason some of you did not receive these, please inform Jimmy or myself (apieceofhope@gmail.com) and we will gladly email you again. Just a mentioned, you can be creative in your donation collection such as if you are running a business then profit of a certain period can go to PKIK or if you are employed then when having a game of badminton, every point you win your friend they pay you $xx.xx as donation. Whatever you do its for charity.

We will be calling for a press conference soon to give A Piece Of Hope Chapter 3 some leverage. If any of you climbers got press contacts please do let us know. Pictured below is a sneak preview of the jigsaw puzzle that we will be carrying in July up Mt. Kinabalu.

All the best for your effort!