Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Ball Has Started Rolling

Today is almost the end of May 2012. Although it is the end of something, it doesn't mean that work has to come to an end or as some may say 'sau koong'. We at A Piece Of Hope (APOH) has gotten the ball rolling on our donation drive. The official letter for our charity event is out and can be downloaded by clicking on this LINK.

To those climbers whom are following us up Mt. Kinabalu this year, Jimmy might have emailed you the letter. If not you can download it from the link above. To those people whom are following our good and noble cause but are not climbing with us, you can carefully use the letter to help Rumah KIDS this year. We welcome all forms of assistance on our effort, so long as it is in good faith.

A press conference will be called on 9th June at Rumah KIDS Klang. To those interested to join us there, please email us on your intention and we will provide more details on it.

Happy Soliciting Donation!