Sunday, July 6, 2008

Press Conference on 2nd July 2008

After the postponement of our press conference last Wednesday due to some unforeseen reasons, the press conference on 2nd July 2008 was conducted successfully. Although there was a hour an half delay in starting, 3 press reporters came namely China Press, Chinese Oriental Daily and Malay Mail.

Those present from A Piece Of Hope were Jimmy Lim, Foo Jong Wee, Engu, Lai Foo Weng and myself (Ted). The conference lasted about half an hour with many questions posed by the reporters. Mr. Cheah from PPKKCTM also joined in the conference to answer questions on the home itself.

With the publishing of our news in Malay Mail on 3rd July, it give us an extra mileage to further push for donations. Authenticity is very important as with any donation drive. So with this publicity it negates any suspicion altogether. As there is only 10 days before the charity climb, it is time for us to have the final push!

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